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Dave King PhotographyI have a great passion for Photography shooting our natural world. I have been a Surfer for 25 years and I love being in the ocean. I wanted to share the beauty of the sea, as I experience it. When my camera catches that moment, I am blown away. I want to share this experience with others as so much is missed thru the naked eye. As well as my love for the ocean, I enjoy shooting my home city of Newcastle and travelling the North Coast. From a mystical wave to a magical sunset, I love capturing the moment in my surroundings. My next venture is to travel to Iceland as I am drawn by its remoteness and beauty.

My wife shares the same passion as me, except she does not hold a camera, she is the backbone of my buisness. She often joins me in my quest of that perfect shot, In my travels. I never thought I would go this far with it but with the help & support from my mother Jo, family and friends, this is it my Photography. Enjoy. 

My Equipment of choice is,

                       D810 Nikon 14 24mm 2.8 Nikon lens

                       D750 Nikon 16mm Fisheye, 70 200mm Nikon Lens

                       Dave Kelly Water Housing with Dome & 70 200mm Port with Flash housing

                       Julbo Sunglasses for out on the water with Ski


Proud to Announce I have teamed up with Julbo Sunglasses Aust. Thanks to Mark Lewis from Fluiddna. Checkout some of these Sunglasses & Ski Goggles. Also like to add the best polarizing sunglasses ever.






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